Kawai Model RX-2 5'10 Grand Piano

Ebony Gloss

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Made to last, the RX-2 indicates that Kawai’s formidable and impressive standards have been gathering momentum for decades. This is an excellent example of a grand piano that was created to be passed down through generations. At 5’10″ in length, the RX-2 is a great size piano for the domestic environment, producing enough tone and volume to satisfy even an advanced pianist, but remaining compact enough to fit neatly into space rather than overpower it. The RX-2 is one of Kawai’s highly regarded models and the build quality on offer here helps you to understand why Kawai became an obvious choice to build Steinway’s Boston range.

– High-tier, widely popular Kawai brand
– Gorgeous ebony gloss finish
– Model RX-2 (5’10”)
– Professional-grade
– In excellent, like-new condition
– Made in 2000
– Very strong bass

– Slow-fall fallboard
– Sostenuto
– 3-level lid prop

Comes with:
– Lifetime warranty
– Free moving/delivery
– One free in-home tuning
– Artist bench
– 100% lifetime trade-up guarantee

Tuning, warranty, and moving/delivery for local purchases. Please inquire for more details.

Detailing work includes full inspection, complete cleaning, tuning, regulation, and voicing as needed.