We specialize in helping people sell their pianos, largely through our consignment program. We assess the condition of the piano, and pinpoint any work needed to bring it to proper presentable condition to achieve it’s best value. Then we work out mutually agreeable terms that will be beneficial for both the store and the piano owner.

In order to start this process, please send us the information we need to assess your piano as best we can. Please include what information you are able to from this list.

Email or Post pictures so that we can see the piano, especially focusing on areas that may need repair.

General Information:
Serial # (usually near tuning pins)
Height (for uprights)
Length (for grands)

Technical Information:
All notes working?
When last tuned?
History of maintenance, if any
History of tuning, if any

Town where the piano is

Is there a deadline?

Kirkland Piano Consignment


We offer piano consignment in Kirkland, WA, and nearby towns and cities. Selling your piano can be a challenging task, so let our Kirkland piano consignment experts at Stage 7 Pianos do it for you! Our Kirkland piano consignment team increases the value and marketability of your pre-owned piano by providing credible Kirkland piano consignment services. We will provide you with the logistics, so you do not have to arrange for the move. Our Kirkland piano consignment team showcases your piano at our heavily trafficked website and shop so your piano can get the maximum exposure and you get the maximum benefits.

We ensure that your Kirkland piano consignment process is a breeze. You can fill a form letting us know about the piano details including the make, model, and serial number, our team will pick up the piano for safely transporting it to our space, we will inspect your piano for the condition and off goes your piano to our inventory for sale!

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For Kirkland piano consignment services, get in touch with Stage 7 Pianos!

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Kirkland Sell Your Piano


Searching for Kirkland sell your piano services? Do you know that we provide reliable Kirkland sell your piano services? If you are a piano owner who plans to sell your existing piano, our Kirkland sell your piano team can do the transaction on your behalf. In case you want to, we also provide piano tuning and restoration services to restore your piano into its original form. Whether you want to sell your piano on an as-is basis or need us to refurbish it before putting it up for sale, let us know and we would love to help.

We provide honest and instant Kirkland sell your piano services to ensure that your piano finds a nice home!

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In Kirkland sell your piano by contacting Stage 7 Pianos now!

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Kirkland Buy My Piano


In Kirkland buy my piano, sell, tune, restore, or move – whatever services you are interested in, we are here for you. While searching for Kirkland buy my piano, you may come across many online sites and companies that provide you with a number of piano services. However, we would advise you to trust the name that has been trusted by piano owners since 1986.

Our Kirkland buy my piano services ensure that your pre-loved and pre-owned pianos find new homes of piano lovers, and the piano continues to spread music and love for years to come.

For Kirkland buy my piano services, reach out to us today!

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If you are searching for Kirkland buy my piano services, contact Stage 7 Pianos now!

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