• Repair anything that breaks

  • Does not include normal adjustments or wear and tear, which are a part of typical regular maintenance including small adjustmetns caused by humidity issues.

  • Kenn Wildes and his team are master technicians, with a piano restoration workshop, knowing pianos extremely well and able to fix anything. The warranty is “us”.

  • Kenn Wildes has an outstanding reputation for his 25 year history in Seattle maintaining people’s pianos (plus more years in Kenya, Africa and Boulder, Colorado)

  • Seattle has the ideal climate for pianos. Both the wood and metal parts of pianos stay in excellent condition indefinitely, and almost nothing ever goes wrong.

  • Local = within 50 driving miles from Stage 7 Pianos. Over 20 miles we will add a small travel fee for warranty issues.
  • Must maintain yearly tunings with tuner affiliated with Stage 7 Pianos or approved by Kenn Wildes.

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