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Whether we’re working on your piano in our Kirkland showroom, our Renton workshop, or in your home, we offer high-quality repair, detailing & cleaning services.


The moving companies we work with take pride in handling your piano and demonstrate a high degree of professionalism.

Music Lessons

The Rockory Music School is located in the back of the shopping center we are located in. They offer piano lessons as well as most other instruments. We also know many teachers in the entire Seattle area through Kenn’s tuning, so we can refer you to teachers who live closer to you.

Piano Bench Restoration

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Kirkland Music Lessons


If you are browsing through different websites for music lessons in Kirkland, WA, this is where your search ends! At Stage 7 Pianos, we offer Kirkland music lessons so our love for music spreads without any boundaries. Whether you are familiar with playing a piano and need advanced Kirkland music lessons to step up the game, or you are a beginner who is interested in starting with the basics of Kirkland music lessons and playing a piano, we admire your passion and offer Kirkland music lessons at competitive rates.

We connect people and pianos through the universal language of music and provide Kirkland music lessons. Get in touch for:

  • Piano lessons for beginners
  • Advance piano lessons
  • Kirkland music lessons
  • Piano lessons for adults

If you are looking for Kirkland music lessons, then Stage 7 Pianos is the name to call!

(425) 292-8196

Kirkland Piano Lessons


When it comes to taking Kirkland piano lessons, we believe that learning has no limits, and there is no age for taking Kirkland piano lessons. Whether you are a newbie interested in Kirkland piano lessons or already know how to play the piano but want to polish your skills and learn more, we offer Kirkland piano lessons for everyone.

In addition to providing you with Kirkland piano lessons, we also offer a wide range of services including but not limited to:

  • Piano tuning and repair
  • In-home piano tuning
  • Piano bench restoration
  • Piano detailing

At Stage 7 Pianos, we offer Kirkland piano lessons at great prices – call now!

(425) 292-8196

Kirkland Piano Lessons Near Me


Searching for Kirkland piano lessons near me? Learning to play the piano can help you in many ways including improving your concentration and patience, and showcasing your creativity. It enhances your hand eye coordination and is super fun! If you are interested in learning to play a musical instrument, a piano is all you need. While searching for Kirkland piano lessons near me, reach out to our expert musicians who have been playing the piano for a very long time. You do not need to ask people about Kirkland piano lessons near me, when we are here for you!

Playing a piano is therapeutic. It relaxes your mind and body, as well as those who are listening to it. Find the right teachers and musicians if you are searching for Kirkland piano lessons near me, by getting in touch with us today.

  • Piano lessons in Kirkland
  • Learning piano
  • Music lessons near me
  • Kirkland piano lessons near me

If you are searching for Kirkland piano lessons near me, then get in touch with Stage 7 Pianos!

(425) 292-8196