Yamaha Model C7 7'6" Grand Piano (incl. Tax) - $15,900

Ebony Gloss

*Financing options are available. Please inquire for details.*

Topping Yamaha’s Conservatory line of grand pianos, the C7 produces a rich and vibrant sound, suitable for large venues such as professional studios or concert halls.

What really makes this instrument stand out is the beautiful singing tone in the melody section. It’s bright enough to really make a statement when desired, it also has the diversity to allow for more mellow, ringing tones when desired. The sound lends itself particularly nicely to jazz, but could also be very enjoyable for a classical pianist.

The medium-light touch on this piano makes it easy and satisfying to play. There’s enough bulk to give plenty of feedback to the player, but the lightness and buoyancy allow the fingers to truly fly.


  • 7’6”
  • Highly popular & gorgeous ebony gloss finish
  • In excellent condition
  • Made in 1978


  • Fallboard catch
  • 2-level lid prop for projection versatility

This piano also comes with:

  • A lifetime warranty
  • Free moving/delivery
  • 1 free in-home tuning
  • Matching bench
  • 100% lifetime trade-up guarantee

Tuning, warranty, and moving/delivery for local purchases. Call store to inquire. Detailing work includes full inspection, complete cleaning, tuning, regulation, and voicing as needed.