Steinway Model B 6'11 Grand Piano

Rosewood Semi-Gloss

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All Steinways Restored with Authentic Steinway parts and include a lifetime warranty. Please contact us for details.

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The Model B: The magnificent 6′ 11″ (211 cm) grand piano is often referred to by pianists as “the perfect piano.” It is a wonderfully balanced and versatile instrument that does extremely well in refined homes, teaching studios, and mid-sized venues. It is sometimes nicknamed “The Best Piano in the World” because it’s Steinway’s best model for non-concert use.

– High-tier, world-renowned Steinway & Sons brand
– Model B – 6’11”
– Originally made in 1879
– Gorgeous, unique Steinway rosewood finish
– Plays with a buttery-even firm touch with an equally magical, even, warm, generous tone
– Concert-level regulation and voicing

Restoration work:
– New soundboard
– Restrung
– Refinished
– New hammers, shanks, whippens & dampers
– New keytops

– Authentic Steinway parts
– Sostenuto

Comes with:
– Lifetime warranty
– Free moving/delivery
– 1 free in-home tuning
– Matching artist bench

Tuning, warranty, and moving for local purchases. Please call store to inquire about details.