Steinway A Louis XV 6'4" Grand Piano

Mahogany Semi-Gloss

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Steinway A Louis XV:
This beautiful instrument has a silky yet sparkling tone to match its ornate exterior. You’ll especially find that the melody section sings on its own, without much effort on the player’s end. This makes for a very satisfying playing experience for players of any level, but especially for those with a sensitive and discerning ear.

– Model A (Louis XV special edition)
– Originally made in 1936 (completely restored in Germany)
– Distinctive, stunning mahogany semi-gloss finish
– In flawless, like-new condition
– 6’4” with an absolutely outstanding bass
– Virtually looks, feels and sounds like a new Steinway

Complete restoration in Germany
– Refinished
– New strings
– New bridges & pinblock
– New hammers, shanks, flanges & whippens
– New keytops & keyboard felts
– Concert-level regulation & voicing

– Full sostenuto
– 2-level lid prop
– Weighted fallboard

This piano also comes with
– A lifetime warranty
– Free moving/delivery
– 1 free in-home tuning
– Matching bench
– 100% lifetime trade-up guarantee

Tuning, warranty, and moving/delivery for local purchases. Call store to inquire.

Detailing work includes full inspection, complete cleaning, tuning, regulation, and voicing as needed.

Financing options are available. Please inquire for details.

The Model Louis XV
This Steinway & Sons Model A Grand Piano is in a Louis XV Rococo case style. The art case cabinet is in a gorgeous mahogany which has been restored with a stunning grain detail.

Nearly all Steinway Model A’s were made in the traditional black cabinet in the traditional design with square legs. This piano is one of the few Model A Steinways built in a hand carved Louis XV style cabinet. It is nearly impossible to find a Louis Style Steinway in today’’s market.

Notes from a local pianist
“There’s something special about the tone of this piano. It’s clean and clear, but there’s also almost a crystalline quality to it, which can be heard most pronouncedly in the melody section. When those notes are played just right, sparkling magic ensues.

The touch is somewhat light, allowing fast, sweeping passages to glitter by, while still heavy enough to maintain stability.”

Lifetime Warranty

– Repair anything that breaks
– Does not include normal adjustments or wear and tear, which are a part of typical regular maintenance

– Kenn Wildes and his team are master technicians, with a piano restoration workshop, knowing pianos extremely well and able to fix anything. The warranty is “us”.
– Kenn Wildes has an outstanding reputation for his 25 year history in Seattle maintaining people’s pianos (plus more years in Kenya, Africa and Boulder, Colorado)
– Seattle has the ideal climate for pianos. Both the wood and metal parts of pianos stay in excellent condition indefinitely, and almost nothing ever goes wrong.

– Local = within 50 driving miles from Stage 7 Pianos

– Must maintain yearly tunings with tuner affiliated with Stage 7 Pianos or approved by Kenn Wildes.