Shoreline Piano Store

Trusted Shoreline Piano Store in WA near 98133

Are you looking for a piano store in Shoreline, WA? Look no further than Stage 7 Pianos. We are the best Shoreline piano store in the city. Besides new pianos, we sell pre-owned pianos and restore pianos. If you are starting to learn piano, you can talk to experts at our Shoreline piano store for the best advice and assistance.

You also find a range of refurbished pianos at our Shoreline piano store. We have a complete lifetime warranty on our products after purchase. So, get in touch and start your piano playing journey with the perfect piano for you and others in your home.

Our Shoreline piano store offers many piano-related services, such as:

  • Piano refinishing
  • Piano bench restoration
  • Tuning and repair
  • Stage rentals

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Shoreline Piano Stores

Local Shoreline Piano Stores in WA near 98133

The Shoreline piano stores are only as good as the pianos available and the staff selling them, and we have the best in both. Visit our Shoreline piano stores and pick from the top-selling pianos. Besides selling pianos, we also do a wide range of piano repairs. So, If you are having trouble with your current piano, give us a call.

We will send our piano technician right away. The technicians at our Shoreline piano stores have years of experience fixing pianos, and they quickly diagnose any problems to provide effective solutions. No matter what you need regarding a piano, you can count on us to offer the solution. Give us a call today!

Our Shoreline piano stores offer a range of pianos. Some of them include:

  • Steinway & High-End Grands
  • Steinway & High-End Uprights
  • Yamaha & Kawai Grands
  • Yamaha & Kawai Uprights

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Shoreline Pianos For Sale

Affordable Shoreline Pianos For Sale in WA near 98133

We have fine Shoreline pianos for sale price available at our stores. Hurry and grab the top-selling Shoreline pianos for sale from brands such as Yamaha, Steinway, and Kawai. These brands are known for their concert-quality sound. Some of our Shoreline pianos for sale are refurbished but are as good as new. Rest assured that you will get the best Shoreline pianos for sale deals with us. Get in touch with us today to know more about the various models and their prices.

Apart from selling pianos, we also offer:

  • Piano detailing
  • Piano music lessons
  • Piano Bench restoration
  • Stage events

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