Tacoma Piano Restoration

Expert Tacoma piano restoration in WA near 98403

If you are looking for an established and reliable company for piano restoration in Tacoma, WA, consider yourself in the right place. Pianos are prized possessions, and you must get them repaired for any damage immediately, or they lose their functionality.

Place your trust in our company to offer top-quality Tacoma piano restoration services.

Get in touch with Stage 7 Pianos when looking for the best Tacoma piano restoration services. As a reputable company, we have been restoring pianos for over a decade. We assess the condition of each section of the piano, based on which we provide an estimate of piano restoring.

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Such services include:

  • Piano repair
  • Piano refurbishing
  • Piano refinishing
  • Piano reconditioning

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Tacoma Restoring Pianos

Specialists at Tacoma restoring pianos in WA near 98403

The process of Tacoma restoring pianos is not straightforward as it needs experience and expertise to know about the faults in the piano. Sometimes simple tuning can make the piano work as before, while other times a piano needs full-fledged repairs.

You can visit our workshop for Tacoma restoring pianos, where you can see the progress of the restoration work while giving your preferences for colors if required.

Rely on us for Tacoma restoring pianos, as we have catered to several similar jobs. We follow a comprehensive approach to restoring pianos. You can choose from our various restoration options based on the condition of the piano and your budget.

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We can perform the following services:

  • Belly restoration
  • Partial restoration
  • Complete restoration
  • Keyboard reconditioning

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Tacoma Piano Restoring

Tacoma piano restoring professionals in WA near 98403

When you have a reliable and reputable company like us for Tacoma piano restoring, you need not search for the services elsewhere. In addition to providing restoration work at our workshop, we provide in-home tuning and lifetime guarantees on our restoration.

You can also contact us to buy a new or refurbished piano.

Count on us for Tacoma piano restoring services, as we can assure you of hassle-free and impeccable services. We use the best quality materials to restore the pianos, ensuring their durability and longevity.

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Contact us when you need our Tacoma piano restoring services for the following:

  • Ivory restoration
  • Spring and pin replacement
  • Refelting keyboard
  • Piano regulation

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